Voyagers Without Trace

It all started when...

I stopped to read a historic plaque in a remote corner of Wyoming.

It had a single image: two handsome men, and a fetching blonde. They looked vivacious, dapper and daring. Like movie stars of Hollywood's Golden Era.

They left Paris to travel to the center of the American West, at a time when the West was still very wild. They packed into a used car, took a roadtrip, and then set down the wild Green and Colorado rivers to be the first in kayaks to follow John Wesley Powell's famous river adventure. 

And they would pack film camera and beer. The first vanguard of a new generation of outdoor river runners... not only predecessors, to me, but folks I'd surely call friends.

I wanted to learn their story... but more than that... I wanted to go with them. To share their adventure.

The only problem: I didn't know how to kayak.