Oregon Ian’s guide to Making French Press

Do start with fresh beans

(Don’t accept less)


Do set the kettle on the boil

then grind the beans, fresh

(Don’t grind too coarse, or it will be weak

Don’t grind too fine, or it will be muddy

But do as you wish) to your taste.


(Don’t watch the kettle, as they say.

For a kettle watched while working is self-conscious

just as you or I.) Instead,

watch the day wake up through the window.


When the kettle rattles and whistles, take it from the burner

pour the water slowly, in a circle, letting it mix with every single ground,

like the happiest child at their own birthday party.


(Don’t rush this,

for it is how water and grounds mingle

and first impressions make a difference.)


Do let it bloom

(Don’t put the lid on too soon

Don’t fear it will get cold too soon.

It won’t.) Please, do let it bloom.


Then pause and behold,

the water and grounds now the color of cedar,

the smell of warm places, favorite nooks, misty mornings.


Then stir the bloom, the crema that is coffee’s

most perfect moment


Do put the lid on, and slowly,

slowly, slowly press

(Don’t rush this, trust me.)


Do, at last, pour your first cup

Hold in both hands

and bring to your lips, inhaling,

letting the steam tickle your still sleepy eyelashes


Don’t rush this either

none of this should be rushed

but savor. Savor.