Eloquent Nude: The Love and Legacy of Edward Weston & Charis Wilson


It all started when...

I came across an out-of-print book on a rainy day.

It was a memoir by Charis Wilson, the wife and model of photographer Edward Weston.  I'd first learned of Weston's photographic masterpieces in high school, when I discovered my own love of photography. But I had never heard Charis' side of the story.

In most photo anthologies and museums, she is simply titled "Nude."

Yet, in her writing she revealed a sharp sass, keen observation, and a heartbreaking confession of love and loss.

Little did I know that by taking a chance, I'd find myself sitting beside her, as she shared her story with me.

She was in a wheel chair, nearly blind, but brimming with life.

Friends and volunteers agreed to join me on this documentary adventure.

The only problem: to visually portray her private years with Weston, I'd have to recreate them myself, hitting the road with a vintage camera.