Here's just a few documentary films I've made over the years.

French Trio Campfire small.jpg

Voyagers Without trace

Stumbling across a remote historic marker launches filmmaker Ian McCluskey on a quest to retrace the journey of three French adventures who came to the American West in 1938 with kayaks, cameras, and beer.

What led an explorer, his new bride, and his best friend halfway around the world on the eve of World War II? What secrets do flooded canyons and a weathered journal still hold?

Ian traces the trio’s wake back to Europe, uncovering unexpected connections to the French Resistance, the advent of the French Riviera, and the possibilities that free-spirited risk-taking offers to all. 



Eloquent Nude

Charis was beautiful, smart, and searching. Edward was an emerging genius in the world of photography. When they met they fell instantly in love. Setting off across the West with camera and typewriter in the depths of the Great Depression, Charis Wilson and Edward Weston transformed photography and each other.

At age 90 Charis Wilson recounts her years with Edward Weston with great humor, candor, and some regret. Combining insight from leading scholars, rare archival images, and convincingly authentic reenactments, Eloquent Nude presents a remarkable true story of love and loss, travel and adventure, and an intimate look at the creative medium of photography.

Eloquent Nude screened at festivals and major museum around the world, was broadcast in more than 17 counties, and received three Northwest Regional Emmy Awards.



Summer snapshot

Summer Snapshot plays out, shot by sun-kissed shot, an idyllic day at a mountain river where a group of friends spend an afternoon skinny-dipping, strumming guitars, and circling a campfire. Reminiscent of a 1970s home movie, Summer Snapshot is a nostalgic reflection on the fleeting window between youth and adulthood.

Summer Snapshot was an official selection at over 30 film festivals around the world, including Tribeca, Clermont-Ferrand, and London.