Seventh-generation Oregonian. Splits firewood. Likes rain.


Life, So FAR

Born in Portland, Ore, in an era known as "Back to the Land," which made an early childhood impression of lumberjacks and hot spring soaking hippies. Both grew beards and wore plaid. As an adult, so do I.

I also own a chainsaw and soaks in hot springs. I grew up riding horses with sister at great grandma's ranch. Worked through college as horse wrangler in the Rockies. Lived with wild mustangs. Hit by lightning.  Rattled around the West in a pickup truck named the Grey Ghost. Made documentary films, started a non-profit to teach others how to tell their stories through documentary. Now I go on adventures for Oregon Public Broadcasting, collecting stories.

This hour I tell things in confidence
I might not tell everybody, but I will tell you.”
— Great Uncle Walt


  • Born in a hospital where I'd later watch both grandfathers die.

  • As a toddler, taken for rides on the back of 10-speeds in the 1970s, when children ran feral.

  • First kiss in game of spin-the-bottle.

  • In High School, lived in cabin on Mt. Hood.

  • In college, worked as a horse wrangler on ranches in the Northern Rockies.

  • After college, made documentary films.

  • Built a cabin in backyard, with salvage lumber and vintage parts.

  • Built another cabin in backyard.

  • Fulfilled teenage dream, restoring 1920’s cabin of my own on Mt. Hood.

  • Made this website for you.