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Hi, I'm Ian

Born in Portland, Ore, in an era known as "Back to the Land," which made an early childhood impression of lumberjacks and hot-spring-skinny-dipping hippies. 


I grew up riding horses with sister at great-grandma's ranch. Worked through college as horse wrangler in the Rockies. Lived with wild mustangs. Got hit by lightning. Rattled around the West in a pickup truck named the Grey Ghost. Made documentary films, started a non-profit to teach others how to tell their stories through documentary.


Now, I go on adventures for Oregon Public Broadcasting, collecting stories. Restore historic cabins. Savor copious amounts of morning coffee. Scale glaciated Cascade peaks. Sip bourbon while staring at campfires. Call grandma.

Let's Connect

I welcome:

  • Conspiring with fellow creatives for collaborations.

  • Interviews for podcasts, radio, publications.

  • Requests for guest speaking at universities and for organizations.

  • Requests for reprinting, publishing, using my original work.

  • Kind words of encouragement. Sharing this personal stuff isn't easy!


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